Hans-Rudolf Lutz


Verlag Hans-Rudolf Lutz
Lessingstrasse 11
CH 8002 Zurich


Hans-Rudolf Lutz was born in Zurich in 1939. In 1963, he resumed his education in typography and design at the Schule für Gestaltung in Basel where his teachers included Emil Ruder and Robert Büchler. From 1964 to 1966, Lutz was the leader of the Expression Typographique group in Paris, at Studio Hollenstein, producing a range of graphic design. Hollenstein had developed the first photosetting machine, and the group responded by trying to produce an aesthetic that, in its modernity, matched the new technology. On his return to Zurich, Lutz set up his own studio and publishing company, Lutz Verlag. He wrote, illustrated, typeset and produced nine books about visual communication. The last ones that he pubished, “Typoundso” and “Ausbildung in typografischer Gestaltung” archive his own design work from the last thirty years. He taught at the schools of design in Zurich and in Lucerne for over thirty years, and founded the typography department in Lucerne in 1968. Hans-Rudolf Lutz died on the 17th of January 1998.
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