This Will – This
Guillaume Mojon   Jesse LeCavalier   John Harwood
2009 ... added October 2009

150 x 230 mm, 72 pages

book, black and white, laser printer, offset, soft cover, architecture, grid

Architect Jesse LeCavalier, architectural historian John Harwood, and graphic designer Guillaume Mojon investigate with their analysis of bar codes and related encryptions the thresholds and overlaps between material and immaterial media. Of special interest is the display of information in a nonlinear interplay of different media. By means of a historical and spatial analysis of the ambivalent nature between built space and information space, the authors explore the organizational complex of the built environment, propagating encrypted architecture and urbanism as models to speculate for the future of our surroundings.

“This Will — This” is the first issue of Standpunkte Magazine, which features collaborative projects by emerging architects, writers, and graphic designers.