Ramaya Tegegne
2010 ... added June 2011

160 x 220 mm, 160 pages

book, 2 color, art, self initiated, mimeography

Euro 28

“Searching for meaning in art is like looking for the price tag on a piece of clothing. (Maxim after Henry Darger)” Paul Chan

TITLE is the result of a research on the relation between words and images, labels and objects, textuality and visuality, within an art context. It is centered on the specific subject of artwork titles. Titling a work is a tricky but significative gesture. The title of an artwork is usually considered as a minor data put on the side of a work. Nonetheless, it is a direct verbal link between the work and the public, but also a requisite archiving information.

The book compiles 100 works, selected for their interest towards their titles. It is organized as a loose chronology running parallel to the development of the visual avant-gardes. It functions as a reader and gathers a selection of texts by artists, interviews, poems, critical texts, quotes, anecdotes, etc., in relation to each title.