Pierre Menard's Don Quijote
Francesca Grassi
2006 ... added March 2008

115 x 170 mm, 34 pages, Ed. 400 Spanish / 300 English

book, art, literature, self initiated, illustration, black and white, offset, soft cover


“Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote” is another of the tales included in Jorge Luis Borges’ book Fictions. The story begins with a critic’s protest against the omission in a catalogue of the French writer named Pierre Menard, whose major achievement was writing, in the nineteenth century, the ninth and thirty-eighth chapters and a fragment of the twenty-second chapter of the first part of Quixote. The chapters are the same, every word and every comma, as those written originally by Miguel de Cervantes. Nevertheless, the narrator realizes that they are not copies.

Menard's text came into existence in 1939 and was first published in 2006 by Pierre Huyghe in memory of the first time he had this idea in 1996.

Illustrations by Karl Nawrot