Signal Code Alphabet
Corita Kent a.k.a. Sister Mary Corita
1968 ... added April 2008

431.8 x 571.5 mm, Ed. unknown (most editions were 100 before 1970, after that they were mostly at 200, sometimes as high as 500)

poster, typography, silkscreen, alphabet, peace, self initiated, ready made

The signal codes were the original method of communication between ships. Flags would be run up a ship's mast to send visual messages – each flag stood for a particular letter. Corita created her Signal Code Alphabet series by adding whimsical graphics to the designs that signify each letter.

A is for astrology
B is for be-ins
C is for clowns etc ...
D is for digging it
E is for everyone
F is for frog prince
G is for game
I is for eye
J is for jesus
K is for knight
L is for ladybug
M is for magic
N is for caution
O is for god
P is for Palm
Q is for cutie pie
R is for rabbit
S is for saint
T is for two
U is for us
V is for vibrations
W is for white stone
X marks the spot
Y is for why not
Z is for zorba